Yesterday our 3 year old stallion Arthur participated on the third (and second last) performancetest for studbook NRPS.

First Arthur had to show his progress under the saddle of his daily rider, Robin van Thillo of Protea Stables. For the next part guest rider Rianne Nalis took place in the saddle to test his rideability, talent, willingness to work and balance.

Arthur behaved excellent, jumping some beautiful rounds with both riders. He recieved very good points among other on galop, will to perform and obedience. Overall, the guest rider was very pleased with his performance.

On to the next ánd final leg in january where Arthur will recieve his final result.



Three out of the seven foals born at our stable this year have found a new owner.

Filly Carlotta (Cicero Z x Andiamo) will move on under the Canadian flag. Cezar (Colorit Z x Numero Uno) has found a new owner in Belgium. Our last born foal, Alison (Aganix du Seigneur x Cornet Obolensky), will head over to Germany in a few weeks.

We are very happy our foals will go to places where they all have the opportunities to grow and develop in the best possible way. We hope that good luck is on their side and that they will make their new owners proud and happy!

We, on our hand, are looking forward to watch the remaining 2021-babies develop into young horses from close by. They will get the chance to grow to a higher level under our own management and with the help of out partners.



Last week our 3 year old Arthur participated in his first (of four) performancetest of studbook NRPS.

In the beginnen of this year Arthur got himsef approved. One of the conditions to finalize his approval is the running of 4 performancetest. Starting this september he will have to show himself each month under the saddle in front of a jury. He will be evaluated on his natural predisposition during a riding test included jumping a small course.

The first test went really well. Arthur was easy to ride in the new environment and showed to be very carefull on the jumps.

We would also like to thank Protea Stables and in special Robin Van Thillo for all their hard work and love for our horses. October 14th will be the next evaluation moment, we’ll keep you updated !



Our 4 year old gelding, Reginald T, got himself selected for the Belgian Championship for young horses.

In the first qualifier he jumped an impressive round without touching any poles but with 2 time-penalties.

In the second qualifier Reginald again showed off his power, souplesse and balance ending with one time-penalty.

We are very happy with the progress of this handsome boy who is being trained by Stable BPH. He will now get a well deserved holiday in the field and we're looking forward to next year when he will compete the 5-year-old-classes.



last week we took our 2 youngest babies, both from Aganix du Seigneur, to the Z-Festival of Studbook Zangersheide.

In the A-series (fillies) Amanda T (out of Rihanna T by I’m Special de Muze) was placed 25th out of 50 contestants.

In the same series Alison T (out of Cela Vita by Cornet Obolensky) came in on solid 15th place scoring just a little too few points on her damline. She did get rewarded with a nice 8.5 points for movement and 8 points on general impression.



Happy to announce that all of our 5 breedingmares (showjumping) are confirmed to be in foal for 2022. In the coming week we have a last visit of the vet to check up on Irene (Everdale) to see whether we can also expect a dressagebaby next year.

We are excited about the combinations we were able to make and now fingers crossed for 5 (and hopefully 6) prosperous pregnancies!

Babies to look forward to :

Spitfire V x Diamant de Semilly

Chopano x Q. Breitling LS

Taloubet Z x Andiamo

Caribis Z x Numero Uno

Ermitage Kalone x Cornet Obolensky



Our second born of this years season, Carlotta T, has found herself new owners in Canada. Luckily for us she will stay a few more years at our stable until she’s mature enough to make the big trip overseas.

We wish the new owners a lot of happy times with this beauty!

Grabiella - Carlotta's mommy, is already in foal again for 2022. More info on the new combinations for 2022 soon !



What an exciting evening for our 3yo stallion Sirocco T. The Zangersheide Young Horses Auction ended toninght and Sirocco was knocked off at a stunning 42K. This made him the second most expensive 3 year old of the collection!

We would like to wish the new owners all the best of luck with this handsome man and we hope to see him shine in the future.

Second: a massive thank you for Paige Jacobs and Robin van Thillo of Protea Stables  who did an who did an excellent job training him! You’re the best !



Yesterday the last foal of the season was born: a big, strong filly by Aganix du Seigneur out of Cela Vita (Cornet Obolensky) named Alison T.

The birth of this little one means foalseason 2021 is officialy over for us at Stud Tommelberg. With 7 healthy, goodlooking foals this year we are beyond grateful ! Some will leave and some will stay a little bit longer but I’m sure they will make every future owner proud one day. It will be nice to know that we, as breeder, had some small succes in that too.

The first mares have been inseminated succesful, soon more infomation about our breedingprogram for 2022 will follow !

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Friday evening we witnessed the second last delivery of the season. In true copy-paste-style Amanda T was born. This pretty filly is the exact copy of her mommy Rihanna T (I’m Special de Muze) with the same 4 long whtite legs ánd blaze.

As father of Amanda is registered Zangersheide stallion Aganix du Seigneur.

Rihanna won’t be used for breeding in the coming year. She is now 4 year old and will get the chance to prove herself in competition.

Auction Time


We are happy to annouce that our 3yo stallion, Sirocco T, will be auctioned at the Zangersheide Young Horses Auction! 

Sirocco is by Ermitage Kalone out of Helena de Laubry (Nabab de Reve). 7yo Ermitage Kalone (Catoki) is currently building his way to the top together with Gilles Thomas. In 2021 they’ve been jumping their first 1.40 courses and they’re thirsty for more! 

Not only in the showring Ermitage Kalone confirms, recently he has been awarded the BWP Young Stallion Award and out of his first breedingseason no less than 3 stallions were referred to the 3th fase of the BWP stallion approval.  

Sirocco’s mother Helena de Laubry is beautifully bred as well out of a combination Nabab de Reve x Chin Chin. Full Brother, Kastaar de Laubry, competed up to 1.50, half-sister Jisca de Laubry (Kashmir vh Schuttershof) competed on 1.45 level. Further up in this damline we find Adonis de Laubry (Skippy II, 1.45) and Rubens du ri d’Asse (Argentinus, BWP, 1.60). 

Sirocco is already being trained under the saddle by Robin Van Thillo. He’s very cool and shows lot of potential on the jumps !   

First foal for 2022 confirmed


Today we recieved confirmation that Hamira de Laubry is in foal for 2022.

We are expecting a combination with Spitfire V. This stallion by Chacoon Blue is only 3 years old and was approved this year for studbook BWP. In the final fase of the stallion approval he was crowned vice-champion.

Spitfire comes from a very well known damline including horses as Kulana V (1.50m), Melody vd Smidshoeve (1.60), Narcos vd Smidshoeve (1.45).

These genes will be combined with our mare Hamira de Laubry. She, as well, comes from a famous damline known from horses as Nikita de Laubry (1.60), Virus de Laubry (BWP 1.50), Akita de Laubry (1.60) etc.

In the coming weeks we hope to recieve more confirmations for next year. Keep following us for more news!

Welcome n° 5


Last night our fifth foal was born and this time it was somewhat different for Rudolf T is fully dressage-bred. This little one is by Kjento x Everdale, we’re already curious for him dancing around the field!

We are now waiting for the last 2 jumpingfoals ánd both will have the same father: Aganix du Seigneur.

What we are also waiting for is some good news from the vet. Already 4 mares are inseminated again, in the coming weeks they will have their check-up and hopefully, if everything goes well, we can give you an update on our breedingprogram for 2022 !

Next two foals deliverd


Last week Hamira de Laubry gave birth to a longwaited filly. Annelotte by Asca Z looks like a real complete, sporty type, safe to say that with the birth of this filly the next breeding generation is assured !

Last night the first colt of the season was deliverd which means it’s no longer a girls-only scene in the barn. Cezar, by Colorit Z out of Ebby M (Numero Uno), is truly a big boy with already a nice developed body.

Stallions under saddle


Our 2 3 year old stallions, Arthur (Andiamo x Q. Breitling LS) and Sirocco (Ermitage Kalone x Nabab de reve), have started their riding career. They will be trained at Protea Stables by Robin Van Thillo and Paige Jacobs. We are very happy that both boys are in such goods hands.

Both horses will be prepared for their test for the studbook coming fall and I’ve heard they are behaving very well.

First baby's have arrived


It was a very busy Easter-weekend at our farm with the arrival of the first two foals.

First one was a really strong and big filly by Chartago Blue x Q. Breitling LS. Ciao Bella T arrived on the same day her big half-brother (v. Andiamo) showed himself on the NRPS stallion show, nice coincidence! The second one was again a filly by Cicero x Andiamo named Carlotta.

Next up is Hamira de Laubry (v. Diamant de Semilly) in foal of Asca Z, really hoping for a third filly!

Arthur T Z approved


Last week our homebred  Arthur T Z (v. Andiamo) went to the stallion selection of studbook NRPS and got himself approved. He showed himself very well during the freejump test and got complimented on his good looks.

Our second stallion who participated the selection, Sirocco T, didn’t get approved but he did recieve the ‘star’ label. This means he can also join the test under the saddle with the other (already approved) stallions and he will get a second chance to show himself tot he jury.

Both stallions will now be prepared for their test under the saddle at the end of the year.

References are stepping up


Lots of news from older horses who were born at out farm:

Origi is enjoying the Wellington-weather with Lexi Ferder and Erynn Ballard as she is now a team member of Ilan Ferder Stables. Last week she and Erynn even took the win in a 1.30 class.

Origi is a Action Breaker out of our mare Hamira de Laubry (Diamant de Semilly).

Another horse who drew our attention is Fokker 50. This son of Andiamo was born at our stables 11 years ago and is now competing with Niels Fockaert on 1.45 level. 

We're already curious for what the future holds next!